Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the Interfering Conditions in Measurement?
  • Semen samples that interfere with prostatic epithelial and/or leukocyte cells.
  • Situations where there are 1-10 sperm in the environment, (Advanced OAT)
  • Conditions with high sperm count
  • Applying more than the recommended volume of sample between the lens holder and the slide
  • Semen samples in total pin-head morphology and/or azoospermic
What are the Warnings and Precautions to Be Considered During Product Use?
  • Use separate slides for each test.
  • Do not add too many samples.
  • Do not move the sample loaded slide too much.
  • The light of the box turns off after 1 minute. If the light goes out during video recording, re-record without having it analyzed.
  • Note that the entire image is homogeneous in the camera after alignment. Particles or flashes of light you see on the screen will affect the count.
  • The algorithm is only adjusted for sperm sizes. It will not give accurate results in testing any other material.
  • Please do not touch the phone while recording video. If possible, perform the recording on a flat surface, away from conditions that will affect the image, such as sound and vibration. Otherwise, the analysis will not be correct.
  • Differences in results will occur between different counts of the same sample. The reason for this is the instantaneous change in the number of sperm entering the field of view.
  • Do not change the battery of the lighting system, do not try to repair it.
What should be the smartphone models and features that can be used?
  • The use of the product's applications can be carried out on every phone where the program is running. However, even if the operating system is the same, due to the variety of models, especially on android phones, the required image cannot be obtained on some phones. Below are the models of tested phones. Please contact us about the situations you encounter in use other than these models   .

Available Smartphone Operating Systems Requirements
  • Apple:  iOS 10.3 and Later
    Android:  Android 5.0 and Later

    For untested phones, the camera must be capable of recording a minimum of 480×640 30 fps video.

    Smartphones must have up-to-date operating systems installed.

    It is necessary to use a 3G or higher connection in order to avoid problems caused by the internet connection.

What kind of parameters will be reached in the reports to be obtained from the SpermCell™ Application?

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