How to Use

You can find detailed information and documentation about “how to use” of the SpermCell™ – Smartphone Applied Sperm Analyzer product.

SpermCell™ Box


SpermCell™ – Smartphone Applied Sperm Analyzer Box Content

⚈  50 Sample Slides

⚈  1 Magnifier

⚈  Lens Cleaning Cloth

⚈  Instruction Manual (How to Use)


Usage of SpermCell™ – Smartphone Applied Sperm Analyzer

Preparing Sample
Sample Drop to SpermCell™ Slide with Pasteur Pipet
  1. Preliminarily taken sample is kept at room temperature for 15-25 minutes with liquefaction.
  2. A drop of sample taken with the aid of a syringe pipette tip is instilled with care to ensure that the foam is not air bubbles, so that the transparent spot on the slide is filled. (See A)
  3. The lens-bearing piece “SpermCell™”, which is necessary to enlarge the image, is placed in place to be read. (See B)
  4. Prepared preparation is placed according to the housing on the box. (See C)


Closing of the Slide with Magnifier
Application Using
  1. The “SpermCell™ – Smartphone Applied Sperm Analyzer” application, downloaded from the application stores of smartphones, is executed. (See D)
  2. Touch “⚀”  on the application screen,  in the middle to open the screen where “Analysis” or “Video Recording” can be done. (See E.1)
  3. If there isn’t any problem with the internet connection of the phone to be used, the analysis can be performed by touching the “Analysis” tab. However, if the analysis is to be performed later and only video recording is required at this time, the “Video Recording” tab on the screen can be opened. (See E.2)
SpermCell™ Slide is top of the box
Starting to Analyze
  1. After opening the “Analysis” tab, the QR code on the box is scanned with smartphone camera. (See E.3)
  2. On the page that appears, the desired patient information can be entered. Here, “Semen Volume” is important for preparing of the report. Other information can be left blank, if we don’t want to see on the report. The system does not associate any record with any personal information entered from the smartphone with the patient. The records are only kept on the used smartphone. (See E.4, E.5)
  3. The camera opened when the “Start” key is pressed is opened for the semen image. Pressing the button (see F) on the product box, opens the light for 1 minute. Then the camera is aligned to the point where the light comes out (see Figure G) and will be stabilized on the box. Note that the image obtained during alignment is like the following images. If there are undesirable substances such as dust, hair on the image area, the sample should be prepared again. The black area does not appear on the screen when alignment is being made.
Imaging with Smartphone
Video Recording
  1. Touch the green key at the bottom of the screen after alignment is complete (see H). When recording starts, this key will turn red and a countdown will occur on the screen. After this step, the smartphone should not be moved until the recording is finished, the table which the phone or box is located on should not be touched. (See I.1)
  2. After this step, at the end of the recording, “Do you want to analyze the video?” (See I.2) is confirmed if there are no problems on the recording and the analysis is waited to be completed for the result (see I.3, J). This process varies between 1 and 3 minutes depending on the internet connection.

Note: If you find an ununderstanded part in the “How to Use” text. Please watch the video right here…