Frequently Asked Questions of SpermCell™ – Smartphone Applied Sperm Analyzer

You can access frequently asked questions about SpermCell™ – Smartphone Applied Sperm Analyzer products and programs. You can also download sample pdf reports of SpermCell™ – Smartphone Applied Sperm Analyzer.

Interfering conditions in measurement

  • Semen samples interfere with prostatic epithelium and / or leukocyte cells.
  • Situations in which there is 1 to 10 sperm in the preview, (OAT cases)
  • When there are a lot of sperm counts
  • Applying much more the recommended volume of sample between the lens holder and the slide
  • Total pin-head morphology and / or azoospermic semen samples

Warning and Precautions?

  1. Use different slides for each test.
  2. Do not add too much samples.
  3. Do not move the sample loaded slide.
  4. The light of the box turn off after 1 minute. If the light turns off during video recording, do not submit the image analysis and record again.
  5. Note that the entire image is homogeneous in the camera after alignment. If you see on the screen, the light intensity of the particles will affect the count.
  6. Algorithm is adjusted according to sperm size only. Testing another material will not yield correct results.
  7. Please do not touch the phone while video recording. If possible record on a flat surface away from the conditions that will affect the image, such as sound, vibration. Otherwise the analysis will not be accurate.
  8. Each different count in the same sample will show different results, such as 15%. As the number of sperm appearing in the area changes instantaneously in motile sperm, this rate may change according to the motility of the sample.
  9. Please ask us if you live any problem.
  10. Do not change the battery of the lighting system, do not try to repair it.

Can be usable Smartphone models and specifications

Apple: 5S, 6, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus
Samsung: Grand Prime Plus, A3, J5, J5 Pro, S4, S5, S6, S7.

(*It can not be used as software in the “Note” series of Samsung smartphones.)

On untested phones, especially the camera must be able to record at least 480×640 30 fps video.

Smartphones should be updated in the current operating systems.

In order to avoid problems caused by Internet connection, it is necessary to use a connection over 3G.

What parameters will be reached in reports from SpermCell ™ application?