You can download the SpermCell™ – Smartphone Applied Sperm Analyzer application which is compatible with iOS or Android operating system by clicking on the links. With these applications, sperm analysis can be done with smartphones. Applications need to be installed the current version of the operating system to run smoothly.

Also click here for tested phone models … Please ensure that your app is auto-updated so that your analysis can be done in the best possible way. Your apps that have been updated about every week, these updates are corrected for errors that you do not notice in your applications and are made SpermCell™ App more useful.


Updated Operating Systems

Click here to learn how to check the operating system version on Apple smartphones …

iOS 11.2.5

Click here to learn how to check the Android operating system version on your Samsung, LG and Sony Xperia smartphone…

Android 7.1.2 Nougat

Application Download Links

For iOS 1.0.6

For Android 1.0.6